Audience Comments on Pecha Kucha Session

FIRM's Forum at FOSE, March 20, 2007

Positive  Negative
Super format and presentations!  Very well done.  Very informative!! The presentations felt rushed due to the format. Don't let the "5's" be misleading.  Presentations, although short, were informative.  Pecha Kucha - Can it be 10 minutes?
On the Pecha Kucha: Limit to 12 slides and 6 minutes, but let the presenter click and control the transition to avoid disconnect between speech and image.  Otherwise ... great format! The layout for evaluating the speakers (grid) is difficult to use.  6 minutes is not enough time for speakers to truly express their ideas or cover content meaningfully.  More time for speakers or less presentations.  Mr. Needham's presentation relating site maps to ERA & E-Gov was informative. Add more discussion time for post-presentation open exchanges, good idea to prepare questions to stimulate multiple-speaker exchanges
Great way to structure the session.  I leave knowing who I want to button-hole to get more details from without losing hours spent sitting in a chair. 6 minutes is not enough time to get a clear understanding of presentations.  Have less people and give more time. Some presentees clearly did not have enough time.  Nice to hear about so many projects though.
Very good program Fewer presentations - more time
The Pecha Kucha presentation allowed for a broad view of projects & served as a "tease" to find out more & to make networking connections to establish some of these practices within my agency.  Thanks!  (P.S. If you weren't having website "issues" the presentations would have been easier to find) Too fast & shallow!  I think there was good info in there but will try to get it from the slides.  Fewer presentations, more in-depth please!  My evals of presenters - user based on what I thought I could get from the slides
Presenters were excellent.  Very informative & valuable information. Pecha Kucha is too quick.  Maybe less presenters with a little more time.  We are basically being provided with the info later on web site since you can't really get it all in within 6 minutes.
How about a Pecha Kucha webinar in a few months? Some presentations should have been longer, e.g., NIST, World Bank & Google