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All federal employees (past and present) that serve or have served in any capacity related to the improvement, promotion and protection of the common goals and objectives of quality information management. Government contractors may participate, but not serve on the Board.

Voting Members:

Any individual whose name, agency, title, phone number, address and e-mail contact information is on the most recently updated FIRM communications list.  [Editor's Note:  In actual practice in recent years, FIRM has operated by consensus.  Membership on the Board is documented on our Current Leadership page and the Board may occasionally take informal votes.  However, our announcements listserv has become our "communications list" and subcribers to our listserv have not been called upon to vote.]


FIRM members participate as individuals who have partnered to promote successful accomplishment of joint endeavors and to add their individual contributions to a common unified voice. FIRM members do not directly represent their agency, but rather, bring together a diverse spectrum of perspectives, opinions and beliefs about all aspects of federal information management that benefit the community.

A FIRM group has been established on LinkedIn in the event anyone may wish to use it.

To receive announcements of our events, please contact us to request a subscription to our announcements listserv.  [Note: As of November 13, 2016, it is our intention to phase out the listserv and let those who'd like to remain in touch to use the FIRM group on LinkedIn.]